Dr. Dave: Sourcing Pain Isn't as Simple as You Might Think

I recently had a new patient come into the office stating that she had pain in her mid back near her left shoulder blade. She had been to several chiropractors with minimal relief. After a thorough evaluation that included posture and muscle testing, it was determined that her left shoulder blade was higher than her right and that the left side of her pelvis was lower than her right side.

We decided that X-rays would be beneficial; what was revealed was a short left leg, which was causing her to lean to the right. This made it appear that she had a higher left shoulder blade. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, she was given a heel lift to place in her left shoe.  This helped to balance her pelvis and in turn her left shoulder blade pain was relieved.

I often find that the site of the pain is not the cause of the problem. Knee pain may be the result of a foot or hip problem and headaches might be a sign of neck misalignment. It is important to take a whole body approach when it comes to health.