Chiropractic in the News - March 2014 Recap

"The American Chiropractic Association estimates that more than $50 billion is spent each year on back pain, which is also the leading cause of disability. That includes everything from surgery to prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines."

"According to a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine, chiropractic care cut the costs of treating back pain by 28 percent."

"The standard of care today however still starts and ends with a visit to the doctor’s office, with only 20 percent of Americans regularly visiting a chiropractor." -- KIMT, from "Finding Answers in 'Conservative Care'"

With numbers like these, it is surprising that there is a shortage of information and news of our burgeoning field being shared on mainstream news outlets. Why? Well, that question is certainly up for critical analysis and debate--we won't even go there. But simply stated, by being active members of our local community, we know that most people simply don't know the wide range of ailments that chiropractic care can help with. At Shapiro Family Chiropractic, it is our mission to change that, so every month we will be sharing fair and relevant stories that have circulated on the major news outlets during that month.

Chiropractic has helped people with migraines, sleeping problems, allergies, ADD, ADHD, IBS... the list goes on and on (and let's not forget it helps with back pain and back-related issues!) Here's a news report from KMIT in Iowa that did a spot-on job of sharing education in the news; it was originally broadcasted on March 4, 2014. 

The next day, March 5, the Chicago Tribune published this article:

Illinois Chiropractic Foundation (ICF) Recommends Chiropractic Care To Help Treat Obesity

Believe it or not, that's pretty much it! Sure, there are plenty of articles on new chiropractors opening up and there are even more articles in chiropractic-specific journals, but the point is, when you Google "chiropractic care" and then hit that "news" tab, there really isn't much coming from those mainstream outlets about how it works. Most other "mainstream" alternative therapies get much more attention, and obviously Western medicine is all over the news. Try Googling "acupuncture" in the same way. The results, by comparison, are astounding. Again, we don't need to get into a big debate about why this information isn't being shared--but from here on out we are going to do our part to change this paradigm. Stay tuned for more...