Patient Appreciation Day

Shapiro Family Chiropractic wants to thank you...


Can you believe that Dr. Shapiro has been practicing in Denver for over 15 years?

With all the friends and family he has picked up along the way, we got to thinking: wouldn't it be nice to have a special day set aside for showing thanks to all the wonderful people that make our work possible?

So we made one.

We had our first Patient Appreciation on August 18th, 2014 and it was a fantastic success! Our friends at EVO Hemp generously donated their DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS hemp bars to share with our patients. We also had giveaways and complimentary chair massage offered by our own in-house Massage Therapist.

Our next Patient Appreciation Day is September 22, 2014

Complimentary massage will be offered between 1:00-2:30PM. For future Patient Appreciation dates and information  on other Shapiro Family Chiropractic events, feel free to give us a call! 303.504.4800

See you then! 

Our Family: Baby Addison


Meet Addison.

When Dr. Shapiro met her she was only 10 weeks old. Her mother brought her to Shapiro Family Chiropractic to help her deal with some of the digestive issues she had been experiencing. If you are a parent, you probably know the pain of watching your infant experience discomfort, pain or trouble eating. It happens to most parents at some point, and it is often the cause of countless sleepless and stress-filled nights..

“Primarily what we wanted to treat was reflux,” explains her mother, “and it was disrupting her sleep, making her uncomfortable and fussy.” She had read a couple places that chiropractic care can be really helpful for infants. She also had been making visits to The Pregnancy Wellness Center of Parker, where she consulted her doula about the symptoms. “I know Dr. Shapiro works out of there some days so she had recommended him specifically.”

The whole family is resting better after visiting us. “We brought her in on Tuesday, the day before we were scheduled, because she had a really bad night and he said if that happens just to bring her in. She probably didn’t sleep at all that night, it was probably the hardest night yet,” mother recalls the nights with a stressful look on her face. Then she lights up, “Since we brought her in she has slept eight hours every night since.”

Only after five visits to our office, mom tells us that Addison’s reflux had decreased and that “her ability to tolerate is better because she started napping more regularly, which is helping significantly just to be able to get through the day comfortably.” In addition, other health symptoms were improved. “It seemed to also help with her gas.”

Thank you mother, father and baby Addison for visiting us. We are excited to see how Addison’s health improves and we are so grateful for families that are willing to share these stories—they are beacons for other parents who are experiencing the same problems, the sleepless nights, the hysterical worry, but for whatever reason are not equipped with the resources to know where to go. There is help for them, and they can find it right here at Shapiro Family Chiropractic.

Patient Highlights: Lucy


Bio: Meet Lucy. She is three years old. She is adorable--big blue eyes, blonde pigtails and a smile that can light up a room. She likes sparkly things, strawberries, books, coloring and playing pretend. At first, she is a little shy, but once she warms up to you, like most little girls, she is pretty silly. Because Lucy is so young, the better part of her bio has yet to be written, but when she was about 10 months old, it became apparent that Lucy had some gross motor developmental delays, and that is where her story with chiropractic care begins...

On Chiro: As one of Dr. Dave's littler patients, Lucy has a very special story to tell about her experience with chiropractic care. Lucy got her first adjustment shortly before her second birthday, she had not yet made her first steps--a problem that greatly concerned her parents Becky and Jared. Fortunately, Dr. Dave happened to be their neighbor. After several yard-side chats, her parents decided to give chiropractic a shot.

"Her first adjustment was a house visit," says Dr. Dave, "I noticed right away that there were some fixations in her pelvis and her low back area." That day, Dr. Dave made some very subtle adjustments. "The way I adjust kids, they don't even know I am doing it, I can pick them up, adjust the area and before they know it, it's all over."  

In the beginning, Dr. Dave visited Lucy weekly at her home; in addition to spinal adjustments, she also got custom orthotics. According to her mom, it was this "team effort" that got Lucy to where she needed to be to make those first steps, and after only two months of receiving chiropractic care, Lucy started walking.

So how does chiropractic for kids differ from chiropractic for adults, and what should parents considering chiropractic care know? First of all, according to Becky, you should know that chiropractic for children is completely different than chiropractic for adults: "It is minimally invasive, subtle and gentle. It never felt concerning to me--watching what was happening--and she was always in charge of what was being adjusted." Becky also explains how Dr. Dave has a way of "adjusting in play"--certain techniques that can be made fun for children, and other techniques he taught her to do with Lucy at home.

These days, Lucy is quite mobile. She jets around our office and plays with the toys, you would never be able to look at her and know that she once had these problems. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, "She sometimes likes to play 'Dr. Dave' and adjust my bones," says Mom with a smile. Becky says that since she also started getting adjustments at our office, Lucy has been very perceptive in watching Dr. Dave's adult techniques and does an impressive job of mimicking him. All flattery aside though, watching Lucy run, jump and play is what truly makes Dr. Dave proud to be a chiropractor. He is a humble guy, but he can't help but smile when Lucy comes in--we all do.

Thank you Lucy for being a part of our family, and thank you, Becky, for taking the time to share Lucy's story with the world.

Patient Highlights: Brandon Freeman


Brandon Freeman is a humble guy. He comes and goes in our office weekly, and rarely mentions the amazing things going on in his life, but if you ask him about his job, his eyes light up and his passion is immediately apparent. As a modern dance artist with Wonderbound, a Denver-based modern dance production company, every workday is filled with opportunities for creative self-expression, which he loves, but there are also challenges--that's where Shapiro Family Chiropractic fits in, but we'll get to that later... 

Brandon didn't always plan on being a professional dancer-artist. "I took a left turn in my life," he says with a smile. After spending ten years in the Army National Guard, his goal was to get a four-year degree and become a police officer.

It's funny how a whim can change one's destiny forever. While Brandon admits that he has always been artistic, he actually discovered his passion through a class that he took because he needed to fill a credit requirement and thought it would be fun. He was right, and he was really good at it to boot. He started signing up for more dance classes. "At the time I was majoring in anthropology, but because you don't have to have a specific degree to become a police officer, I decided to change my major." So dancing became his life, and before he had even graduated he was offered a full-time position with a modern dance company in San Francisco--and he accepted. He took the proverbial "road less traveled" and indeed, it has made all the difference. His wife is a dancer in the Colorado Ballet; a special performance brought her to San Francisco--that is where they met. They found a common ground in their Colorado roots and became friends. They started dating a year later, and according to Brandon, the rest is history.

So what is Brandon up to these days? His most recent production was called "A Gothic Folk Tale: A Fool's Journey," and wouldn't you know it, Brandon played the fool. He says that it was something of a vaudeville show with characters based on Tarot cards. In this case, the fool was the janitor, the guy everyone consorted, but is never taken seriously. Brandon's excitement for the production is apparent--he says it is the most complicated production Artistic Director Garrett Ammon has ever created. Along with amazing choreography and a fantastic plot line, it featured video installations, a live band, a real illusionist and lots of opportunities for audience participation. "At some point, I had to escape from a straightjacket," he says proudly. One can only imagine how many hours he has spent (looking like a madman) trying to get that routine down. 

On Chiropractic: 

Brandon was not a stranger to chiropractic care when he first came to our office. He says that most professional dancers see a chiropractor regularly, and he is no exception. Brandon has been seeing Dr. Dave since the beginning of 2013. He was referred by his wife who has been getting adjustments though SFC ever since Dr. Dave became the official chiropractor for the Colorado Ballet in August of 2012. As someone who uses their body as a tool and their livelihood, he says he is faced with small injuries all the time; it's really frustrating, he says, because most of those little tweaks might come with some minor aches and pains. More importantly, they are indicators of a higher risk of injury--which mentally inhibits him from pushing the envelope as a performer. "Chiropractic care helps to alleviate those pains so you can focus on your job and your artistry and not have to worry as much about hurting yourself."

Dr. Dave's specialization in extremity adjusting, he says, is particularly helpful to him as an athlete, "My talus comes out of place and he has to adjust it every week. It's frustrating when it happens because I am doing jumps and my ankle gets all jammed up, and I have to deal with it through the whole day or until I can get in to see Dr. Dave." But once he gets that little bone in his foot adjusted, it's game on. And that's just the retroactive care--when it comes to preventative care Brandon says that chiropractic care ultimately helps him worry less, which means less distractions and better performance. He also believes it will help him extend the life of his career. His advice to athletes considering chiropractic: "Find someone you are comfortable with, there are many different kinds of chiropractors out there and some are rougher than others, some have a little more finesse--I think Dr. Dave has a lot of finesse."

Thank you Brandon, we are sure you have finesse too, and we are so thankful to include you in our family.