The Importance of Chiropractic Care for Your Dance Career

As a dancer, the greatest performances happen when the body is well-controlled and properly aligned.

Dance requires intense exertion and repetitive movements, oftentimes occurring on hard floors. This training, combined with extensive bursts of practice, creates conditions where injury is common.

Unfortunately, many dancers experience what are commonly known as overuse injuries. These injuries include neck strain, lower back pain, muscle tightness, stress fractures, and foot/ankle injuries. Many dancers begin training at a young age, which creates instances of overuse in many of the body’s important joints and muscles by the time the dancer has reached his or her full potential.

Dancers who seek regular chiropractic care see improvements in their range of motion, flexibility, and overall dance performance. Other benefits include the reduction of injuries and a decrease in the chance of a future injury occurring.

As chiropractor for the Colorado Ballet and Wonderbound Dance Company in Denver, Dr. David Shapiro of Shapiro Family Chiropractic has extensive training in extremity adjusting. This includes working with feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and even TMJ.

Many dancers from the Colorado Ballet and Wonderbound Dance Company, as well as other dancers in the Denver metro area, seek chiropractic care from Dr. David Shapiro because of this training. Not only will the dancer feel better equipped to perform without pain, but he or she will experience fewer injuries and a reduction in the time it takes to heal from past injuries.

If you are a dancer in the Denver area, consider calling Dr. David Shapiro of Shapiro Family Chiropractic as he enjoys working with and supporting the dance community in the Denver metro area.

Dr. Shapiro will ensure you receive the best possible care for a long and successful dance career.