The Chiropractic Philosophy: "Innate" Decoded


"Living, usually buried, in us is an Innate Intelligence. If we could open those flood gates and let Innate flow, we would be as good and as great as it, itself. Living in all of us is our innate selves. Innate is God in human beings. Innate is good in human beings. Innate is life in human beings. Innate is health in human beings. Innate is sane in human beings. Let Innate flow in and through us and we can accomplish the great wonders.”

                                                     -- Chiropractic Philosophy Science and Art. Vol. XXXII, pg. 56 B.J. Palmer

If you have any chiropractors in your life, whether it be for your own personal care, or just because you have a friend, relative or acquaintance that is one, you probably are familiar with the stereotypes that are associated with the profession--and they are not all bad! Many people notice their outstanding zest for life--a characteristic that makes them seem overly idealistic at times. Life isn't always easy and maintaining optimism in a world of critics (especially for chiropractors) is certainly commendable, but the truth is, not all chiropractors were born that way. On the contrary, many are the converted critics of the world, because they happened upon some knowledge, and they began to believe in something bigger than themselves, and that thing is called Innate.

Funny how chiropractors like to turn adjectives into nouns; the term is short for "Innate Intelligence," but more plainly put it is the body's innate ability to heal itself. For most chiropractors, this axiom provides the foundation for their life's work. A belief that the body can heal itself when it (and more specifically the spine) is operating correctly (aligned). Just like the experts in other fields, chiropractors sometimes get caught up in the jargon that they picked up while they were studying to become doctors, but when you take the cryptic terminology away, this "belief" is more like a knowledge. Just as you do not have a "belief" in science--you know it to be true--chiropractors know that the body has amazing capabilities, some of which modern science still cannot explain. The intricacies of the human anatomy are mind-blowing and truly awesome--that is what chiropractors believe and what they see when they go to work each day. Dr. Dave is a big proponent of this chiropractic philosophy--to be sure, there are many different kinds of chiropractors, and not all of them subscribe to the same ideas. Do you know where the chiropractor in your life stands on this issue? You can glean a lot about their practice by understanding the mission, and if you ask them about innate, many will light up with excitement; it is the passion they have, a passion for helping people by helping their bodies perform as they are intended to.