8 Simple Tips to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

We’ve searched the internet for trusted, simple ways to keep our groceries around for longer. It’s no secret that healthy eating serves as fuel for an active and happy life.

So, with the goal of feeding our bodies with healthy and fresh foods, take some time to read through this list of eight ways to save money by preserving many different types of food you most likely buy regularly.

8 Simple Tips to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

1.  Avoid keeping coffee and onions in the refrigerator. Coffee absorbs the smell of other food around when stored in the refrigerator, and the odor of onions can affect other foods and cause them to go bad quickly.

2.  Leave tomatoes out on the counter top as opposed to storing them in the refrigerator. They preserve flavor for much longer when kept at room temperature.

3.  Wrapping plastic wrap around the stem of bananas will help them to last longer as opposed to leaving the stem unwrapped.

4.  The best way to store lettuce is to rinse and pat dry the lettuce leaves, layering them in a plastic food storage container between slightly damp paper towels. The lettuce will last weeks this way.

5.  It’s been said to store potatoes with an apple to keep the potatoes from sprouting. This keeps potatoes fresh and hard for months, versus becomes soft and shriveled in a few weeks.

6.  Extra tomato sauce, pesto, chicken and beef broth can be spooned into ice cube trays, frozen, then popped out and placed into freezer-safe storage bags. Next time you need sauce or stock, thaw the frozen cubes and cook like normal. Quick, easy, and no waste!

7.  Wrap a loaf of bread in foil or plastic wrap before freezing. This helps prevent the formation of ice crystals and keeps your bread fresh even after thawing.

8.  To keep leftover guacamole fresh, sprinkle a thin layer of water on top of the guacamole, cover the bowl with a lid, and refrigerate for up to three days. Then, when it’s time to serve again, simply dump out the water and mix with a spoon. It will taste completely normal.

As you can see, there are many simple ways to keep food fresh for longer. Feed your body healthy fuel with fruits, veggies, and lean meats often!

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